Interest Registry

Name Tribal Affiliation Institutional Affiliation Research focus , interest area, etc.
Ahenakew, Lawrence
Chippewa Cree AICH Community work,  Civic associations,  Music,  Dance. Employed by City of New York for 25+ years.
Angel, Naomi

NYU-Graduate Student,
Media, Culture, and Communication

My research focuses on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) established in Canada last year. It focuses on the mistreatment and abuse experienced by Aboriginal children in the Indian Residential Schools.
Blue, Hannabah

NYU-Undergraduate Student, NYU alumna,
College of Arts and Sciences

Education: Broadcast Journalism, Gender and Sexuality Studies  Professional: Native Americans and HIV/AIDS prevention. I am the Capacity Building Specialist for the National Native American Aids Prevention Center.  For more information on what our organization does, or to request Capacity Building Assistance, visit
Burghardt, Nesha
Cherokee, Apache Columbia University-Postdoctoral Fellow Research in neuroscience with a focus on learning and memory.
Coggshall, Elizabeth

NYU-Graduate Student,
Linguistics Department

My research focuses on issues language and ethnicity. I've done some research on varieties of American Indian English in North Carolina, and I'm hoping to start similar work here in New York City.
Edmunds, Bethany Matai 
Ngati Kuri, Te Aupouri, Maori

NYU-Graduate Student,
Steinhardt. Master of Arts: Visual Culture, Costumes studies

I am a weaver of traditional Maori cloaks and am particularly interested in the conservation of Maori and indigenous textiles and costume within museum collections. I am also interested in modern indigenous fashion and the validity of indigenous dress in contemporary society. I am here from Aotearoa (N.Z) for two years, completing my masters in 2010. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with other Indigenous students to share common stories, issues and extend worldwide native networks.
Gardipee-Lopez, Priscilla
Chippewa Cree of Rocky Boy Reservation  NYU NAIPC, AICH
Geismar, Haidy

Department of Anthropology and Program in Museum Studies

I'm currently working cultural and Intellectual Property issues with a special focus on the Pacific. I have worked for many years in Vanuatu, and more recently in Aotearoa-New Zealand, looking at how indigenous ideas about cultural property are intersecting with governance and international movements to enclose and categorize culture.
Gerber, Margaret Leahey, Ph.D.
  indigenous languages, literature, art
Ghosthorse, Tiokasin
Lakota Nation WBAI Pacifica Radio Network World wide Indigenous Radio Journalism
Gomez, Andrea
Laguna Pueblo

NYU-Graduate Student,
Sackler School of Medicine, Dept. of Molecular Neurobiology and Developmental Genetics

I'm PhD student studying the development of the neuromuscular junction
Gover, Kirsty
712 / 185 Pelham st  Carlton, VIC 3010  Australia


Tribal governance
Harris, Curtis
3 Park Avenue Maplewood, NJ 07040
San Carolos Apache

NYU Alumni,
Wagner School of Public Service

Native health and tribal administration. Former staff and board member of the American Indian Community House and current board member of the American Indian Law Alliance and the Family Health Project.  Currently the Assistant Dean for Research at the College of Nursing at Rutgers University.
James, Tamara
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

NYU-Graduate Student,
Sackler - Biomedical Sciences

Structural biology
Kelemu, Melody
Amhara NYU-Undergraduate Student, CAS, Biology
 I'm simply interested in knowing more about First Nation people.
Kewayosh, Sally
Ojibway and Cree NYU-Graduate Student,
Liboiron, Max
NYU-Graduate Student,
Media, Culture, and Communication in Steinhardt
The differences between mainstream American environmentalism and other, mainly indigenous forms of environmental justice; trash activism and solid waste rhetoric; ecological art and media.
Makihara, Miki
Anthropology Department, Queens College, CUNY  65-30 Kissena Blvd.,
Flushing, NY 11367 
CUNY (Queens College and Graduate Center)-Faculty linguistic anthropology  Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Polynesia
Mannikko, Eero The Finnish school of watchmaking 

Matthews, T. James

NYU-Faculty, Director, Native Peoples Forum,
Research: Social Movitation and Behavior. Native Peoples Forum: Building at NYU a scholarly, research, and instructional focus on the history, politics, art, and culture of Native American and other indgenous peoples, creating a welcoming and supportive community for native students, faculty, and community members, and engagement with  to NYC area native people and organizations.
McCarthy, Lori
   documentaries for social justice
Miyashiro, Ku'ulani
Native HawaiianNYU-Graduate Student, Steinhardt Educational Leadership, Politics and Advocacy
Native politics, indigenous land issues, language preservation, culture, education, decolonization
Myers, Fred
Department of Anthropology 
New York University 
25 Waverly Place 
New York, NY 10003
FAS, Anthropology
Indigenous Australia, art, cultural property, relationships to place, the politics of  4th World people
Phillips, John
Pruden, Harlan
33 Indian Road, #4N 
New York, NY  10034,
Cree Co-Founder of the NorthEast Two-Spirit Society NorthEast Two-Spirit Society (NE2SS) works to increase the visibility of the two-spirit community and to provide social, traditional and recreational opportunities that are culturally appropriate to the two-spirit community of NYC as well as the surrounding tri-state area.  At the heart of the efforts by NE2SS is community development for all our peoples.  For more information on this organization, visit Harlan Pruden, Cree, is a Co-Founder of the NorthEast Two-Spirit Society ( and a board member for the American Indian Community House (, New York City's well-known urban Native American center. These two organizations are providing vital services to the largest population of urban Indians in the country. Harlan is a member of at the Saddle Lake Indian Reservation located in Northeastern Alberta, Canada. After committing himself to sobriety almost 21 years ago, Harlan became the first person in his family to attend College and now devotes his life to First Nations community organizing and progressive causes.
Running Wolf, Myrton
Blackfeet NYU - Graduate Alumni,
Tisch School of the Arts - Performance Studies
Myrton Wesley Running Wolf received his Masters in Performance Studies from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2008.  A tuition scholarship award winner to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 1996 and a Master of Fine Arts graduate in film production from the University of Southern California in 2003, his interests include the marginalization and overt romantic depictions of Native Americans in mainstream media, the cultural politics of accessibility to feature film, broadcast television, and Broadway theater, critical race theory, and religious studies.  More broadly, he is interested in the transition period from 1875–1915 when the myth of Native America ceased to be anthropologic in nature and shifted to Third World politics.  His final Performance Studies Masters project at NYU, titled Carlisle – a different three sisters, was an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters set at the infamous paramilitary assimilation academy, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in the year 1913 just prior to America’s involvement in World War I.
Silook Susie
Siberian Yupik/Inupiaq Artist and WriterInterested in contemporary native art and discussions on culture, social, and political issues. I seek to stay informed on matters of importance to the native community. How native people are adapting and evolving post colonization. I'm trying to understand our modern issues and look to others for their knowledge and wisdom regarding cultural and social changes.
Stolakis, Kristine
 NYU-Undergraduate Student, CAS Anthropology
Indigenous media in the Native American context, the relationship between Native American representation within media and the political treatment of Native Americans
Wilson, Rebecca-Siouxann
 Cherokee Steinhardt